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Last semester, I submitted a biology case study about Toki’s diabetes. So glad I’m not the only one.

Oh god this is awesome! There was even a discussion a while ago about Toki’s diabetes and how it may have been the cause of those black spots in his left eye. You think it was caused by that?

Retinopathy is definitely a theory about Toki’s eye that is well-supported by science that does more than make headcanons about his treatment in DSR all the more depressing. It would make sense, but I seriously doubt Brendon did that level of research when supervising the visuals. Toki’s damaged eye is more than likely a result of Magnus’ wrath, since Toki’s damaged eye is on the same side as Magnus’. 

I do prefer the untreated diabetes theory, though, even if it was just an accidentally accurate detail.

The universe is wider than our views of it."
Henry David Thoreau,d. 1862  (via elige)

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Giahna and I just did this on DeviantArt muro with a trackpad because we’re tryhards


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Icecry: *looks closer* Hey, Jari dyed his hair brown to be look the rest of them. 

*face crumbles* 

Why, Jari? Why did you change yourself to fit in? You could have been an individual. You could have been like Beyonce in Destiny’s Child!

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All the Madoka babies in sailor suits, assembled
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A New Constellation - Sewell Collins magazine cover, 1910
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Thinking about scandinavians :P 

Prettiest girls
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So this happened
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